How to update Zopo ZP900H to Android 10

How to update Zopo ZP900H to Android 10

In this article, we show how to upgrade Zopo ZP900H to Android 10 Q. To follow our instructions you need a smartphone, computer, USB cable to connect to a PC. The article will appeal to those who are not lucky enough to get official updates in 1 click on your phone.

What is the Android 10 Q – you can read about some of its chic features here.

Zopo ZP900H Update to Android 10

In order for you to quickly navigate, we threw everything (instructions, program files and firmware in 1 archive). Its structure is visible below:

How to update Zopo ZP900H to Android 10


  • Download archive where are:
    • Android 10 firmware files;
    • Utilities for flashing the device;
    • Driver for your device;
    • Installation Guide – tutorial.txt file in the “Instruction” folder;
  • Open this text file, read and repeat as there. It has everything, even such a trifle as the inclusion of USB debugging in the settings.

Frequently asked Questions

  • Can I roll back to the official firmware?
    • Yes you can.
  • The firmware does not start what to do?
    • Please read the instructions again.
  • Do I need to backup files
    • If you do not mind the files, you can not do.

Problems after update

Solve problems as they come! If something did not work out for you, write to the chat on the site or comment on your difficulties, the more detailed it is, the easier it will be to help.

How to root Android 10

How to update Zopo ZP900H to Android 10

Try searching your device on this. service.

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